It has begun!

Our trailer is finally going to be used for what it was made for: Carrying a tiny house on top of it.

As most of you know, we’re working with contractors, so even though I would like to I can’t boast about having anything to do with the current process, but whatever I’m lacking in physical labor I (hopefully) make up with mental work.

Here’s what happened so far and what I know: The guys from PLUMBuilders spent four hours yesterday (Wednesday, 8/6/14) installing the sub floor. They had pre-ordered specific screws to make sure they would get them through the plywood and into the steel of the trailer. I think I counted about 150 – 200 screws which makes me wonder how much time Shawn and I would have needed to do all that?
Instead of using construction adhesive and sill sealer to connect the plywood to the trailer they used a special foam sealant tape which does not only act as a thermal break between the steel and the wood but it also keeps the moisture out. Don’t forget we’re trying to prepare our tiny house for extreme weather conditions (like Alaska for example).

I seriously admire all of you guys out there building a tiny house with your own hands! I admire your courage, patience, creativity – and time! If I didn’t have to work full time I would definitely spend most of my day building the tiny house which I’m sure would be much more pleasurable, but at the moment I don’t have any other choice…

In the meantime I walk through our apartment every day in search for more things to get rid off. We’re already down to a very minimum, but I always find something that can go. My mentality is: If I can’t part with it today, I will probably be able to tomorrow.

Btw, we have a box of sheep’s wool from Oregon Shepherd for sale for $60 (originally $100). It’s enough to fill a trailer like ours with natural insulation. If anyone’s interested, please let us know!






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