On Golden Pond


Thanks to a relative and friend, we were lucky enough to experience Squam Lake for a few days each summer the past four years.

Star SkyWell known through the movie On Golden Pond, this place is, at least for us, a true jewel in Northern New England. The clear water and the cries of the loons at night make you feel as if you were in a more remote location, and not New Hampshire – an impression that would last all day if it wasn’t for the inappropriate sport boats with their noise and waves. Personally, we prefer to explore the shores with kayaks or canoes. This option also offers you the possibility to get up close to these mystical birds. 🙂

At night, you can bath under bright shining stars, and in the morning – my favorite part of the day – nature presents you with ever-changing, spectacular sunrises, like the one in the animated image below. I created this clip from 60 high-quality photos taken over the course of 30 minutes.