Plumbing and Electrical, Part II

This post is kind of written in a rush. I’ll explain why in just a second. First of all, our plumbing and electrical installation is finally completed. It only took us one year… but, go figure: Now that our tiny house is almost done, I (Luise) will be traveling for the next three months (leaving today, Friday, July 8th) and won’t be able to enjoy living in our “shanty” until October. Shawn will also be gone for a while (leaving August 28th). Guess, that’s the irony of life. If you want to know what we are up to, please feel free to check out our Instagram account.

So, back to why you are here: How did we manage to wire and pipe our house? The answer: with a friend and with an expert. 🙂 Here’s whats included in our home:


  • shower
  • kitchen sink
  • outdoor faucet
  • washer/dryer combo
  • one fresh and one grey water tank
  • water heater
  • water pump

Our plumbing underneath the kitchen counter. You can click to zoom in. Visible here: washer/dryer combo, sink, water heater, water pump, part of our fresh water tank.


  • 12V LED strips: two outside, one in the kitchen and one in the bathroom
  • dimmable lights from Barn Light Electric above the couch and in our sleeping loft
  • one main light in the middle of the ceiling
  • one main light outside next to our entry door
  • heat recovery ventilation system (two fans)
  • several outlets
  • the appliances mentioned in plumbing
  • refrigerator
  • bathroom fan

Welcome to our tiny house! This outdoor light will greet you, when you visit us at night. 😉 If you zoom in, you can see one of our two heat recovery ventilation fans – and our outdoor outlet.

It’s a big relief to see that everything is working correctly, even after we had stored some of our appliances for several years. And no, we did not accidentally hit a cable when we were drilling holes. Phew…

The things left to do can actually be counted on the fingers of both hands (like wood stove, couch, table, remaining trim, propane connection, shelving, closet, and maaany details). I assume everything will be completed in less than one month – yes, without my help! If I’m lucky I can settle right back into our tiny house when I return for a few days on August 4th! Go, Shawn, go!!!

I’m so happy that choosing a tiny lifestyle is already enabling us to travel more. Well, since I suck at containing my excitement, here is the list of places that are awaiting me/us this year: Panama, Germany, Morocco, Greece. 🙂

Also, we are planning to move at the end of the year. Where? That’s still a secret. We have different places in mind and are hoping that we can hit all of them. One thing is for sure: We are looking forward to finally saying, “Bye-bye, Connecticut.”

And now, please enjoy a few more photos of our interior. 🙂

Our outside LED lights from Flexfire LEDs are so bright, the light up everything around the house.

The look into our home when you enter through the door.

And this is the look you get when you walk in and turn around. 🙂 Did you notice our barn door? It uses quality hardware from Better Barns, a local company here in Connecticut that makes high quality products for personal and professional construction projects. Tiny house builders get a discount, just ask for Penny: 888-266-1960 or

The view when you step out of the shower. 🙂

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