Walls, walls, walls, walls!

Hello – and good bye! 🙂  Our Runaway Shanty is finally taking shape!!  I just decided to not write a lot, but let a few pictures speak for themselves!  I’ll be back with more information soon enough!

Enjoy! 🙂

934835_544676855664232_7200513894793849558_n   10612818_544676825664235_6140669526210192271_n

10417738_544676878997563_6123676831682295543_n    10556335_544676955664222_1737252885124121156_n

10659443_544676982330886_162206958330192821_n    10678731_544676918997559_8504304063142727948_n

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2 Responses to Walls, walls, walls, walls!

  1. Nancy Gwizdowski says:

    Hi my name is Nancy…I have read your story….simply WONDERFUL….someday I will have my tiny house.
    I would like to know what material was used to block the moisture from entering your wheel wells?
    Currently I am making a list of materials from many tiny housers of high priority items used during construction.
    Enjoy your Tiny House !!
    Nancy Gwizdowski….Seekonk, MA

    • Thank you so much, Nancy! If we remember right, our builders used MDF boards to cover our wheel wells. Since you’re living in Massachusetts, you’re welcome to visit us in the neighboring state and see for yourself which high quality items we used. 🙂

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