Products & Services

Here are some companies whose products or services we have used during our tiny house construction.

Better Barns Reproduction Hardware
We always strive to support local business. This Connecticut company makes high quality products for personal and professional construction projects. The barn door hardware we received was made in the USA, just what we love! And the best thing: They give discounts to tiny house builders! Call (888-266-1960) or email  ( Penny.

Miss Mustard Seed’s Milk Paint
If you had the chance to use a paint that’s 100 % natural, non toxic and biodegradable, would you think twice? We didn’t. Miss Mustard Seed’s milk paint comes in many different colors. We used Farmhouse White (and a little bit of Tricycle).

Barn Light Electric
If you want to achieve a certain style and continue the quality you have been putting into your home, why cut back on the lights? Our fixtures are made in the USA and look beautifully rustic.

PLUMBuilders, LLC.
We don’t know what we would have done without professional builders. These guys are very meticulous and always tried to find the best solution for every idea we have in mind.  Their garage was tall and wide enough to fit our tiny house, which means they were able to construct our home inside, protected from the weather, until it was weatherproofed.

Tumbleweed Tiny House Company
That’s how we started out – workshop, trailer and construction plans. The founder, Jay Shafer, has left Tumbleweed and launched a new company called “Four Lights Tiny House Company”. Everybody who is somehow interested in tiny houses knows that Jay Shafer is THE icon of the tiny living movement.

Intus Windows
We decided for a supplier of passive house windows and doors. Our windows were manufactured in Europe and open the “German way” – they turn and tilt to the inside.

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7 Responses to Products & Services

  1. matt says:

    I was talking to roger from Kimberly wood stove he told me I should contact you about them I went to Connecticut to see s demonstration from a dealer but the demonstration was not a good one the guy selling the stove was barely able to get any heat out of it roger says his stove is not set up right
    I really want to see one that is set up right and outputting a lot of heat before I buy one so could I possibly see yours? I live in new Hampshire could I come to your tiny house to see tour Kimberly wood stove?

    • Hi Matt,

      Sorry for our late reply, we were on vacation!

      You’re more than welcome to come and see ours but it is not in use yet as we are still working on finishing our inside. I would say, check back in a couple of months, then hopefully the stove will be in use. 🙂

  2. matt says:

    You guys have a Kimberly stove right ? Do you actually like it? I’m considering getting one but I seriously question its ability to output much heat what are your thoughts

    • Yes, we do like it, and we can’t wait to finally use it. 🙂

      • matt says:

        OK excellent I would love to actually see this stove operate the way the inventor claims it can because so far I have found nobody able to produce good results with this stove I hope I get to see yours cranking out all kinds of heat I’ll check back

  3. laura bell says:

    how much did it cost for the builders? i don’t see that included your list of cost
    and are you going to get a natures head composting or standard rv toilet in the future

    • Our builders asked us not to disclose the total price as we were given a good deal because we knew them personally, but for the hours I listed in our “Costs” section we paid in the five-digits. Also, we were planning on using just a bucket for now, but will probably have the electrical set up for a composting toilet (in case the place we want to park it requires it).

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