Our tiny house looks more and more like a home! We’re so thrilled about our reclaimed barn wood floor that we also used it on our two smaller walls and on the skylights. The wood came as engineered flooring and was easy to install. Now we just have to put on more tung oil to protect it.

Left: View towards the “living area”.
Right: Kitchen, Bathroom and Sleeping Loft

The metal framework you can spot in the photos will be our kitchen counter. It’s basically the brain of our house as it will host the washer/dryer combo, water tanks, water pump, water heater, electrical panel, all of our plumbing and also a lot of storage. Getting everything in and hooked up (electrical and plumbing) is the next step. We will be gone for the next two weeks (from March 18th to April 3rd), but a friend of ours, an electrician, and our plumber will take care of everything. It’s been months since we had a day to relax – during the week we work our full time jobs and on the weekends we spend our days at the tiny house. Our poor Sophie hasn’t seen much of us either. The three of us are ready for a little vacation! Hopefully when we return we will see the light at the end of tunnel, um, I mean, the end of our tiny house construction…

Luise is applying hemp oil from Miss Mustard Seed
to the wall behind our kitchen counter.

The wall in the kitchen had to be finished before we put the counter back in. To make our milk paint water-resistant we covered it with hemp oil, also from Miss Mustard Seed. It’s very easy to apply and biodegradable as well. It feels just like olive oil on your hands and gives the paint a richer tone.

Ok, this riddle might be a little too easy to solve…

Last, but not least, we have a little surprise: From Better Barns Hardware and Plans, a local business in Connecticut, we received hardware for a sliding barn door. It’s quality made in the USA, just what we love! Now we can’t wait to build the door that will separate our bathroom from the rest of the house. If anyone is interested in barn door hardware as well: Call (888-266-1960) or email  (penny@betterbarns.com) Better Barns, ask for Penny, mention our name and get a discount!

See you in April. 🙂

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