One Step Closer

Let’s announce the very exciting, but also unspectacular news first – we finally ordered a door!  Last time I mentioned that Shawn and I were trying to decide between a french or a dutch door.  Well, the french door would have cost us at least $1,000.00, the dutch door would have been a little less, but both options did not offer us a satisfying R-value (thermal resistance, in other words: insulation), and since we’re planning on moving our house we weren’t sure how steady these divided doors would remain on the road.  So, to cut this long story short, we eventually chose a traditional 3′ steel door with a colonial grill that will swing to the outside.  If you want to see a picture of it, just click on the link in the list of our costs.

We also finally overcame the first obstacle in registering our trailer at the DMV, which (for me) is a long, uninspiring process.  Since our trailer is manufactured for a load of 10,000 lbs it falls into the category of commercial trailers, and therefore needs a yearly safety inspection (ugh!).  It also needs to be inspected before we can register it, and in order to do so we need temporary registration plates.  Now we have the plates, which are good for 10 days. I’m happy about it, even though that’s a very short time limit.  At least now I know when it needs to be done.  Did I ever mention that I’m very impatient?

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