Deutschland ist Weltmeister!

Last Sunday Germany won the FIFA World Cup 2014, and I still can’t believe it.  If we were already living in our tiny house, I would probably raise the German flag on our roof right now, but since this is not an option at this point, I will just brag about it on our blog, ha!

Even though I live (and love living) in the USA, my heart still beats in black, red and gold, and therefore no words can actually describe how happy I am right now.  Honestly, I actually don’t remember the last time I have been so proud of my home country (besides being the world leader in solar energy).  Personally, watching the German team play, and in the end holding up the trophy after of a long, tough battle, brought back all these beautiful memories of 2002, 2006 and 2010, when I spent many days and nights watching the games with my friends and family.  And isn’t that exactly what makes life worthwhile?  Creating memories and still enjoying the same feeling many, many years later?  Every year the World Cup took place I was also facing a big change in my life:  In 2002 we had just moved from East to West Germany, in 2006 I graduated from high school and in 2010 I was packing my bags to move to the USA.  And now, in 2014, Shawn and I are building a tiny house.  Do you see the connection?  With Germany becoming the World Champion in 2014 a dream came true for a whole nation.  It’s hard to understand if you have never lived in Germany, where this event is considered the most important one of all.  It moves every heart, no matter if you’re ten or ninety years old, and it brings everyone together, no matter if you’re a student or a manager.  And now I allow myself to believe that our tiny house also will not only be a single dream come true, but will help us to accomplish other dreams, to inspire people and to show them that you can achieve everything if you just believe in it and in yourself.

Now, with that being said I want to get back to this blog’s real purpose:  We are awaiting the begin of the framing of our house any day now.  Of course, I will make sure to provide you with enough pictures as soon is it happens, promise!

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